Home made pizza


1) Pizza base ( prefer atta base)
2) Chopped vegetables of choice like onion, tomato, capsicum, mushrooms
3) Grated mozzarella cheese
4) Pizza sauce or even ketchup will do
5) seasoning – oregano, chilli flakes

1) On pizza base apply sauce and spread it evenly on surface
2) Sprinkle grated cheese to cover sauce on pizza base
3) Add chopped vegetables on top of cheese
4) finally sprinkle more cheese on top on vegetables

1) Pre-heat over at 180 degree C for 10 min with top position heating in electric oven
2) With baking tray in middle position put pizza on baking traypizza4
3) Bake pizza for 15-20 min, you will see bubbling cheese after 10-12 min, let it cook for few more min to get golden cheese on top on pizza
4) Takeout pizza from oven carefully
5) sprinkle seasoning and serve hot.pizza5