My Aquarium


2 Parrot fishes
2 Albino sharks
1 glass cleaning fish

Tank capacity 35-40 liter.
Submerged filter cum air pump.
An external air pump with 6 inch diffuse unit.
A 100 watt heater.
About 3 kg natural color pebbles.
A plastic plant.
Couple of ornaments given hiding space to fishes, particularly parrot fishes.

Aquarium is low maintenance setup. I usually clean filter once a week and complete tank once in 1.5 to 2 months. My Heater is set at 28 degree centigrade. 27 to 30 degree centigrade is most suitable temperature for parrot fishes.
I use normal household water without adding any chemicals in it.

About a quarter table spoon normal floating granules feed twice a day.

All fishes I have are hard species with life span of 3 to 10 yrs.